If you are having technical issues please see below. Please always give enough information to help us help you. We are hear to help so please be patient when trying to fix an issue. We want to get you back up and running as quick as possible. Thank you.


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Video Player

  • We recommend the browser Chrome where possible
  • Refreshing the page can sometimes help
  • Try another web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari)
  • Clear your browser cache and reload your browser window
  • If you are not hearing any sound, jump on to youtube and try playing a video clip with your sound unmuted to test.
  • Video says unavailable. All videos are Geo Restricted to Aus/NZ. If you IP is from another country then we suggest changing your IP to an AUS/NZ IP address.
  • you can chat to us on the right side of the page. Just hit the chat icon.


  • Why cant I hear anything?
    ANSWER: Do you have your sound unmuted and turned up? test sound on a site that you know should be working.
  • Why is the sound only only coming through one speaker.
    ANSWER: This usually happens when the broadcaster is only transmitting a mono audio but its panned to either the left or right side
  • I see a picture but still no sound?
    ANSWER: Has the actual live stream started? sometimes the stream will start early but the broadcaster might not be sending sound.
  • Why is the video and audio stopping and starting?
    ANSWER: A couple reasons. It can either be that the broadcaster doesnt have enought bandwidth and they are trying to broadcast too much data. The other reason could be due to your own internet connectivity and what is currently happening on your network. Try using a different internet provider to see if this issue improves for you
  • How come the live stream stopped and then dissappeared off the page?
    ANSWER: The live stream will take place during the advertised times only. After these times the videos get removed as they are not archived for offline viewing.
  • I have some suggestions, who do I contact?
    ANSWER: [email protected]

If you are still having issues please reach out to us here. Please provide plenty of information as this will enable us to help you quicker. Thank you.


Support Act is a charity, unique in Australia, helping artists and music workers in crisis. This may be due to illness, injury, a mental health problem or some other crisis that impacts on their ability to work in music. Support Act receives no money from any government agency and we must therefore fundraise every dollar they need to deliver this amazing service.