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The Ridiculously Awesome Guide
to making your stream successful.

Whether you already have recorded material or are wanting to live stream an event a few important factors to note:

  1. Streaming quality
  2. Streaming bandwidth
  3. Ability to communicate with those who are watching
  4. Ability to monetise the event
  5. Ability to capture subscribers for future events
  6. Social media interaction

@ livemusic2U.com all the backend work has been done for you.

You can either supply the content or we can arrange for it to be recorded and streamed.

We have unlimited bandwidth available for HD streaming as well as a complete secure subscriber system and collection of donations or subscription costs. It can be one event, one venue or a combination of several event. All credit card processing, Paypal payments are all included in the portal so you can just worry about the content.

We help set up and grow recurring revenue for any company that is looking to enable online sales and access management for its video, audio, files and HTML content.

Stream from anywhere right now.

Contact us now for further information or sign up now to get started:

livemusic2u.com - subscribe

Support Act is a charity, unique in Australia, helping artists and music workers in crisis. This may be due to illness, injury, a mental health problem or some other crisis that impacts on their ability to work in music. Support Act receives no money from any government agency and we must therefore fundraise every dollar they need to deliver this amazing service.